Savannah has lost her pet monkey named Cleopatra. Griffin and his friend Ben are trying to help her get it back, but they have no such luck until they take a field trip to a zoo boat that has made a stop in Long Island. Savannah makes a scene when she sees the zoo's newest attraction, "Elanor", whom she believes is her monkey, Cleo. Griffin and Ben believe her after they see just how nasty the zoo keeper, Mr. Nastease really is. Griffin and Ben must gather the team of the strength, animal smarts, acting skills, the team leader, height, computer skills, and climbing. They do not realize the zoo is heavily guarded by a seemingly mean security guard named Klaus. Soon, they find out all the animals are pets stolen by Nastease, and Klaus knows nothing about it. So, now they must free all the animals from Nastease's cruel hands and get Cleo back. But the plan fails and they must not only free the zoo, but stop Nastease from stealing all the animals from the local zoo!