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Paddy Burns is one of the main protagonists as a accidental stowaway in the trilogy Titanic.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Paddy is fast; he hightailed away from the stewards and seamen who saved his life from Kevin Gilhooley. He is also a master at pickpocketing people. He is also good at picking locks.


Early LifeEdit

He was often beaten up by his stepfather before he ran away. He met Daniel Sullivan sometime later when he almost pick pocketed him. The two became best friends and looked out for each other.

Titanic 1: UnsinkableEdit

He and Daniel got into a fight for some reason. Later, Paddy stole a wallet from whom he thought was the Prince of Wales. Unfortunately, it turned out to be from Kevin Gilhooley, the younger brother of the notorious gangster James Gilhooley. Paddy found that out when he tried to spend one of the banknotes, even though Daniel told him not to. Paddy gave chase and ran to Daniel. The two tried to get away,but the Gilhooleys killed Daniel and Paddy barely escaped. He decided to hide. At the end of the story, Daniel was working as a slave for James Gilhooley and his gang.