Luke Haggerty
Luke haggerty large

Luke was framed for possession of a firearm on random locker ispection day when he trusted a "friend" (his old friend Reese; his mother says in a letter she sent to CNC that she thinks Reese got Luke involved with a gang) with his locker combination. Luke immediately takes on a role of butts on the island, and as mentioned by Ian, makes most of the decisions that impact the group. In book two when everyone's hometown is revealed, it says that Luke grew up in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He seems to be close to Charla for brief moments (holding her hand once and often going on trips for their chores together) and is often annoyed by J.J.'s irresponsibility (resulting in fights sometimes) until the very end. He has shaggy brown hair and is tall for his age. Luke is 13 years old. Ian clings to Luke the most.