J.J. Lane
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J.J. is the son of the world famous movie star, Jonathan Lane (his true name being Jonathan Junior). His father sent him to CNC after he pulled a series of crazy stunts for attention (shoplifting, bringing champagne to his 8th grade dance, and driving his father's Harley Davidson through a plate-glass window at an art museum and leaving marks on a painting). Through the series he is convinced that the entire wreckage of the Phoenix was a stunt and that CNC is watching them through hidden cameras and microphones. He is considered spoiled, bratty and a flake as he "never contributed anything to the group", but later realizes the error of his ways. He eventually becomes the group's ticket off the island when he stows away on a group of illegal traders' plane and gets help. In book two everyone's hometown is revealed and JJ' is said to be from Beverly Hills, California. JJ lives the most west of all the castaways and is the richest. He also has blonde hair and custom-made shades that he refuses to take off even at night. His eyes are also blue. J.J is the oldest at 14 years old and resents Luke's position as unspoken leader on the island.