Charla Swann
Charla large

Charla is an exercise and sports-crazy addict; her family lives in Detroit and her dad works three jobs just to pay for her sports, however nothing about her mother is stated, we never even hear if her mother is living or dead, or if she's married to Charla's father at all. Her dad went in debt to pay for Charting a New Course (CNC) after she was so burned-out she couldn't move. She is dedicated to over fifteen sports and aims for the Olympics to be able to earn money for her family. She often feels disgusted by the others, especially JJ, because she views them as being rich while she's poor. However, the longer she spends with them, the less she feels that way. With her fit and athletic body, she is able to scale places the others can't, usually serving as a lookout atop trees, scaling them to get fruit, or using her lightning quick reflexes to grab fish with her bare hands. She seems to be close to Luke a bit (holding his hand once and often going on trips for their chores together.) and good friends with Lyssa (seeing as they're the only girls). Charla has dark skin with curly brown hair and is said to be skinny because she is so athletic. Charla is 12 years old.